Intimacy and Sexuality When You Have an Ostomy
Your sex life is not dictated by your stoma but by your needs, which can still be fulfilled. Focus on your partner’s needs. It is okay if it takes a little while before your intimate life is what it was before. Avoid putting pressure on yourself and each other. It is going to take time to adjust, but most people are able to get back to a healthy sex

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You cannot have a sex life with a stoma Some people worry that having a stoma will end their sex life, either as a result of physically being unable to after the surgery or that the stoma will act as a barrier with their partner/future partners.

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Body contact during sex will usually not hurt the stoma. People with a tracheostomy need to be sure the tube is secure and protected, and may need to try different positions. People with abdominal ostomies can also vary positions if the pouch or stoma is in the way.

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Sex, intimacy & relationship advice with a stoma Intimacy, sex and relationships when you have a stoma Initially you will be recovering from your surgery and getting used to the practicalities of living with a stoma so may not feel ready to be intimate. This is fine – give yourself time to recover from surgery first.

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49 thoughts on “ Out of the Bag: Sex with an Ostomy ” Vegan Ostomy February 14, 2014 at 12:04 am. Wonderful post! I guess I’ll be the first guy to share my experience… After suffering with pains and bowel urgency from Crohn’s for over 5 years, my ostomy gave me a second chance, and things have been great for the past 6 months. The post-op abdominal pains took some …

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A stoma is a round or oval opening made during surgery through the tummy (abdomen) wall. It lets the bowel connect onto the surface of the tummy. Poo (stools) will no longer pass out of the rectum and anus in the usual way. Instead it will pass out of the stoma, into a disposable bag that is worn over the stoma. The stoma is made from an opening in part of the bowel. If the stoma

Intimacy and Sexuality When You Have an Ostomy
It is important to remember though, your stoma does not decide whether or not you have a satisfying sex life, or how intimate you and your partner are. Talk about your ostomy with you stoma nurse, your partner or a new partner Opening up and talking about your feelings, your surgery and your condition will really help you to build confidence.

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Home / Blog / Sex & Relationships With A Stoma Bag – Michelle Williams Shares Her Experiences. My husband’s initial reaction to my stoma bag. I was, perhaps, lucky that I didn’t get my stoma until I had been married to my husband for 3 years, so I haven’t personally had to experience dating with a stoma bag. I know that when I had my first op, my husband …

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Terug naar Leven met een stoma. Meer informatie over Seksualiteit. Invloed op intimiteit Minder opwinding Invloed op je relatie Tips bij seks met stoma of pouch Hulp zoeken bij seksuele problemen Zwangerschap. 030 634 3910. Populaire pagina’s. Bezoekdienst; Contact; Deel je ervaring ; Digitale nieuwsbrief; Schrijf je in voor onze …