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Online Dating for Nerds: Looking for Love in All the Wrong

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Sara is a student at McKinley High School. Shes had a crush on Nick Andopolis since the sixth grade and eventually starts dating him in "Discos and Dragons" as his disco teacher.

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Male geeks sometimes make statements about "our girlfriends", "our wives", and "explaining to girls" (in a dating context). This is both Condescension as well as Othering for those that are not heterosexual males. Articles about how something geeky is becoming …

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The Geek Feminism Wiki is in archival mode. New accounts are restricted from editing due to vandalism, and we do not have the volunteer labor available to whitelist new accounts and monitor activity. The content of the wiki (most of which was written between 2009 and 2012) likely reflects many undesirable biases, such as racism and ableism.

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Kenny Rubenis (Rotterdam, 1 oktober 1984) is een Nederlandse striptekenaar.Hij is vooral bekend van de cartoonstrip Dating for geeks.. Rubenis werkte jarenlang als assistent van Jean-Marc van Tol.Ook tekende hij de webcomic Kennys not so amazingly boring comic.. Dating for geeks. In 2014 begon hij, voor het gratis ochtendblad Sp!ts, met de serie Dating for geeks.

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